Supernatural Season 10 Episode 11

Dean is having a hard time keeping the Mark in check.

Dean is having a hard time keeping the Mark in check.

Charlie was back from Oz and having problems of her own.

When Sam first spotted a video of Charlie beating an innocent man, he didn’t know what to think. But through it all Dean said there had to be a reasonable explanation for it. Even when reading Charlie’s case file from when she was a kid, and it had some pretty dark stuff in it, Dean believed Charlie to be a good kid.

Dean’s always been the one to go with his gut and Sam is all about his brain and facts. Dean was right in the end. Things had been pretty interesting for Charlie in Oz. The war was bad and Charlie split her self in two to save Oz, the good her and the evil her. In essence the evil her is still her, but we all have good and bad parts of ourselves.

I think Dean fighting evil Charlie was one of the scariest fight scenes to date. Not that it was an incredible fight scene, but just because we didn’t know if Dean would lose control. For most of episode he was eating extremely healthy. I applaud his effort, but how is changing his diet going to keep him form falling off the edge? The one change I thought that was good was that he stopped drinking. Though that was the first vice he almost caved too. He was so close to taking that shot, but then duty called.

Charlie was pretty scarred after this ordeal. Not just physically, but emotionally too. Each part of Charlie had killed someone and Dean came really close to killing her. If Sam hadn’t of intervened when he did, Dean would have probably beaten Charlie to death.

But Charlie being Charlie has forgiven Dean and moved on to trying to save him. Sam saved her and now she’s going to help him save Dean.

It was nice having Charlie back, even if it wasn’t the normal girl that we are use to. We got to learn more about her background and the darkness that’s in her.

Next week we get to see Dean as a teenager, not in a flashback, but when he gets turned back into his younger self. Take a look at the preview:


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