The Originals Season 2 Episode 11

A great flashback for Marcel to WWI.

A great flashback for Marcel to WWI.

I’ve been a fan of Marcel for a while now and this was a great episode for his character. We learned a lot about him and just how strong he really is and just why he was able to keep things in New Orleans going so smooth for so long. He’s a great leader.

Marcel was able to hold his vampires together, even through hallucinating from werewolf venom. That is pretty impressive. We’ve seen the affects of a werewolf bite plenty of times before, and it’s never pretty.

But where did Finn take Marcel and his vampires? I think Klaus should be a little bit more worried about Finn ripping the secret from Marcel than Hayley telling Jackson. I believe Jackson would keep their secret. Marcel on the other hand doesn’t really have a choice. We saw Davina erase all the compulsion from Cami and Finn is a lot more powerful. I actually think it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more people protecting the baby. Finn will be a tough one to beat.

From time to time Elijah has done some bad things. He’s threatened Elena’s life and then apologized for it. He was always the one in the originals family that you could trust. Now the bad deeds of his past are haunting him, but doesn’t that still mean he’s noble Elijah. He’s done some horrible things, but he feels remorse for them. Unlike Klaus, who feels remorse for very little.

It was a smart move on Elijah’s part though. Between him and Klaus they broke Finn’s spell. He may have had to confess to some hard truths, but in the end he freed them.

What will Jackson do when he learns the truth? What secrets is Jackson hiding? As Hayley said though, some secrets are not her own. The one she so desperately wants to hide is a shared secret. But what will Klaus do now that he knows that Hayley will tell Jackson?

Next Monday Klaus is on a mission to protect his secret and Finn is determined to find out what that secret is. Check out the preview:


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