Paul Wesley’s Second Take at Directing is a Success

Caroline brings her mother false hope.

Caroline brings her mother false hope.

Paul Wesley took his second go at directing and there was a lot going on, but very little Stefan.

The Kai situation took a lot of the episode. Kai was torturing Elena and Alaric and Liv were helping Jo try to prepare to face Kai. Then Damon was trying to save Elena.

I absolutely loved the torture scenes with Kai and Elena, not that I like seeing Elena suffer, but I thought Paul did a good job. Kai is coming off as such a likable villain. I just thought the way these scenes were shot were great. Kai’s just casually talking to Elena in the Grill and in the school. Paul got the right close-ups, Kai was always so calm and Elena actually had fear in her eyes, which doesn’t happen too often for vampires.

It was thought that this might be a great episode for Caroline and Stefan, since the last one was great for Elena and Stefan. There wasn’t too many Caroline and Stefan scenes, but their last one made up for it. He just held her hand and was there for her. There was definitely that moment when you thought maybe they would kiss, but it wasn’t time yet.

My other favorite scene was between Caroline and her mother at the end when she gives her mom her blood. Even if it wasn’t flashing back and forth to the patient dying, it was still a very good scene.

Paul has a good eye for catching great moments between characters. Not to say that the action wasn’t good, but the best moments in this episode was the ones between two characters and the moment they were sharing.


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