Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 12

The team had to go through a lot of suspects before they found their man.

The team had to go through a lot of suspects before they found their man.

I had a feeling Erin would be back on Intelligence. It just didn’t seem like the writers would write Sophia Bush off the show. Erin has been such an integral character from the start. I didn’t expect her to be back on the team so soon though. She only spent two episodes on the task force. Not that I blame her. Six months of babysitting the informant and getting your hair done is not the way I would want to spend my time either.

Where will this leave Erin and Jay? They’ve already admitted they have feelings for each other and while they never said they were exclusive, they certainly aren’t dating other people either. Voight was more than happy to take Erin back, but what will he do when he finds out about Erin and Jay? Erin’s his girl, so something tells me that Jay would get more of the heat.

When Erin took the task force job she thought she’d be doing some real good. But two cases in she hasn’t really done anything. She’s not leaving a great opportunity, she’s going back to where she can do more good. And it didn’t take long for Voight to take her back. She didn’t even need to say ‘bring justice to her streets’, like he taught her. All she had to do was ask.

Not everything has to be full of drama. Ruzek may have gotten off to a rocky start working with his dad, but he just didn’t know the whole story. His dad and Voight are two very different kinds of cops. Most of the episode painted his father in a pretty bad light. Bob threatened Voight in case he was taking his son down a bad path and Ruzek was kind of an ass to his dad when Bob was trying to interfere with an arrest. While the suspect wasn’t guilty, the evidence did lead them to him.

It turns out Bob just wanted to be there for his son. He clocked in and clocked out and always came home. He didn’t want to be heroic, incase he didn’t get home to Ruzek. Ruzek is not that kind of cop, at least he doesn’t have to be at this point.

This storyline was nice because it gave a little background about Ruzek’s childhood and how Voight knew his father. But it didn’t have to be overdramatic. The action can be fast paced on ‘Chicago P.D.’, but not everything has to be that way.

Another crossover event is coming. On Tuesday, February 3 the two-night event will see ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago PD’ join forces to take down the man who killed Leslie Shay.


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