Supernatural Season 10 Episode 10

The first plan to save Dean doesn't turn out so well.

The first plan to save Dean doesn’t turn out so well.

For the most part Dean is pretty calm and as Sam said, too calm. It makes you wonder when he’s going to spin out of control again.

So Metatron knows how to get rid of the Mark, but he’s not cooperating. Before Sam and Cass broke in, Dean was able to get one thing out of him: “The river ends at the source.” This could possibly have to do with the next step, but I’m sure it has something to do with getting rid of the Mark, but it’s very cryptic.

Dean’s tactics were working, but with Dean not being in control and Cass promising Metatron wouldn’t be harmed, that wasn’t an approach Dean could take.

But maybe just maybe, Sam was right, Dean can still fight it.

I was really worried when Claire was going to have that couple kill Dean. I wasn’t worried that they would actually get the jump on Dean, I was worried he would kill them. But he was able to hold back even when everything on his face said he wanted to kill them. If Claire hadn’t been there, it might have been a different story. But it was a wake up call of Claire and she’s moving forward differently.

Cass is very happy to see Claire moving on, but I’m just happy to see Claire gone. No offense to Claire, she just didn’t seem to have a place on the show.

I’ve pretty much loved Crowley since he appeared on the show. He’s been a great villain and one I really don’t ever want to see defeated. He’s become such a staple of the show. For the most part he’s proven himself to be pretty cunning and smart, but when it comes to his mother, he can’t see what she has brewing. I just want to slap him. But then again this could have something to do with his little addiction to human blood. He hasn’t really been the same since then. Dean called and he jumped. He’s the King of Hell, he’s not really supposed to have friends.

I know I’m supposed to enjoy Crowley being taunted with, but I’m really not. I feel bad for him. I’m more looking forward to when he figures it out and takes out Rowena, but I’m also waiting to see what her end game is too. She’s a very powerful witch and I’m sure from the start she’s had a big plan.

Take a look at the preview for next week. There’s no context, but Dean will battle it out with Charlie:


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