The Originals Season 2 Episode 10

Finn is harnessing the power of two evil objects as he seeks revenge.

Finn is harnessing the power of two evil objects as he seeks revenge.

There was a lot less action in this episode than the preview portrayed. It was more of the aftermath from a very decisive mid-season finale.

Finn was outraged that his siblings had betrayed him and taken his mother. He would stop at nothing to get her back.

When Finn finally found his mother, she had decided to transition into a vampire. She had become one of the creatures she despised so much. She wasn’t strong enough to die with her principles in tact like Caroline’s dad did and Alaric would have done if it wasn’t for Ester. In some ways it’s a surprise that she isn’t as strong as she thought she was. In a moment of weakness she chose to go into the darkness, but this just enraged Finn more.

It seems that Finn didn’t just adore is mother, he respected her too and now he’s equally mad at his parents as he is with his siblings.

I’m guessing that drawing power from an original vampire and Ester will make him pretty unstoppable.

When Finn made the vampires in the compound extremely hungry you were probably expecting it to get pretty ugly, and it came close a few times. But Kol and Davina were able to get the wolves out before it came to that, but the spell is still intact and the vampires and Kol are still trapped. So things could still get really out of hand. I like Kol, so I hope he pulls through, even if he did trap Rebekah.

Rebekah is having difficulties of her own. She’s trapped in a witch’s body, who is trapped in a witch asylum. She tried really hard to get her message out. Freya did hear her message though. And she just might be Rebekah long lost sister. But if Freya died a thousand years ago, what is her spirit doing in that house?

On the mid-season finale Hayley and Elijah fans were finally able to see them together, if only for a brief moment. Now she’s engaged to Jackson. But can she really devote herself to Jackson when she loves Elijah? The rituals haven’t been done yet so there’s still time for her to back out.

Elijah is not taking standing on the sidelines easily. He wants to fight, but he’s in no condition to fight. A few times it seemed like he would strike at Cami. It seems he’s finally realized he’s not doing well. I hope he opens up to Cami. It would be nice to dive deeper into Elijah. If Ester did block his mind from remembering the horrible things he’s done, what has he done? He’s the one Mikaelson you feel you can trust without a doubt, but what is he hiding from himself?

Next week Marcel tries to keep thing in check while they are trapped. Take a look at the preview:


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