State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 9

After all their hard work they weren't able to stop the attack.

After all their hard work they weren’t able to stop the attack.

‘State of Affairs’ has moved pretty quickly since it started and it continues full steam ahead.

In a matter of one episode the terrorist cell made an attack and many were taken into custody. If only the FBI had listened to Charlie’s gut just a little sooner.

This was probably the best episode yet though. It was so good because of the way it was delivered. The episode started out with Stacy Dover blowing up the safe house, but you didn’t know who was in the safe house. What you did know was all of Charlie and her team’s work was futile.

Then it jumps back five hours and shows you what happened. Throughout the episode it also jumped back to the explosion scene to show more of the destruction. Things just weren’t looking good and it could be anyones guess of who was in the explosion.

The polygraph scenes were great to shed light on the characters. Each of them reacted differently to the questions. Newsome decided to come clean about his drinking problem before any questions were asked. Maureen was shaky after the question of marriage was asked. Being divorced is so new to her that the question caught her off guard. Greer announced he was a smart ass and Kurt seemed very weird when he tapped his foot during the questions.

There were a few surprises. For one, Kurt was the one who was sending Charlie the texts. He gave no indication that it was him. He seemed like such a team player. But I guess he can’t be completely blame, Senator Green did put him up to it and I’m sure anyone of the people on Charlie’s team would have been a little worried seeing her with Fatah.

The other surprise was Senator Green dying in the explosion. She was definitely not one of the characters I saw being killed off so quickly, but there seems there are other senators that want to burry Payton anyways, so the President isn’t safe yet.

What wasn’t a surprise was that Fatah was still Charlie’s asset. If we’ve learned anything in the last nine episodes, it’s that Charlie’s gut is usually right.

Next week their battle is only just beginning. They may have got some of the people in the cell, but the bombs are still out there. Check out the preview:


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