Gotham Season 1 Episode 12

Detective Gordon is back on the job.

Detective Gordon is back on the job.

All is right in Gotham again, well kind of, at least Gordon has his badge back and can continue to fight for his city.

I loved that he lied to the Commissioner. He saw an opportunity to get his job back and he took it, even if it would cost Bullock his job too. But I don’t think Gordon had any doubt in his mind that they could catch Jack. I’m not sure why he was so confident, when he didn’t have any leads.

When the police station was electrocuted, I thought, great plan Gordon. I had completely forgot about the boots that Nygma gave him. Nygma may be on the strange side, but he’s smart and he was a key part in getting Jack back.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins’ clue of a doll proved to be very helpful in the case as well. It goes to show, you never know what clue will crack the case.

The kiss between Leslie and Gordon was also another surprise. Not that it looked like Barbara and Gordon were going to reconcile anytime soon. Barbara went to her parents, which it seems they don’t get along very well.

Fish finally made her move, but she didn’t account for Oswald screwing it all up. Falcone is newly ignited and I’m sure Fish won’t be the last to suffer.

Oswald may have just proven his loyalty and his knowledge to Falcone, but something tells me Maroni will be keeping a careful watch on Oswald. And if he doesn’t, he’s not good at his job.

So basically ‘Gotham’ is back to square one, with Gordon fighting to save the city and Falcone back on top. The only thing different from the beginning, is Oswald is working his way to the top. And he’s proving himself quite well.

From next week’s preview it looks like ‘Gotham’ is going to get even darker and more dangerous. Check out he promo:


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