The Hunt is on in Season 2 of ‘The Fall’

JDLifeSeason two of ‘The Fall’ started just ten days after the finish of season one. Spector(Jamie Dornan) was in the wind and Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) was having difficulty finding the evidence after his latest attack.

Spector’s latest victim Annie Brawley (Karen Hassan) survived, but she’s too traumatized to remember what happened and who attacked her. So she give’s little help to Stella’s investigation.

Season two takes a very different tone to season one. Through all of season one the audience knows that Spector is the criminal, but the detectives have no idea. In season two the detectives are working on hunting him down and the audience gets to know Spector even more intimately.

At the end of season one Spector told his wife that he was having an affair with the babysitter, Katie Benedetto (Aisling Franciosi). The audience knows this is a lie, but in season two he pursues a very unusual relationship with the young girl, which is fueled by her obsession with him.

It all seems hopeless for Stella, but she follows down every clue and things get really heated when another woman gets abducted and Stella is determined to find her.

What’s so great about this crime drama is that you get to know the criminal really well. You see him be a great father and a great bereavement council and wonder how he could do such brutal and horrible crimes. Spector is smart, charming and good looking. He draws you in and makes you feel at ease.

Not only will Stella be interested in getting to know Spector’s psyche, so she can get her man, he’s very interested in Stella too. Stella is very different than his usual subjects.

‘The Fall’ is such a fresh take on crime shows. The story draws you in as the investigation brings together the clues to show what the audience already knows. The gap of what the detectives know and the audience knows gets smaller and smaller as Stella dives in.

Stella is very calculated in putting the clues together and getting her man. But not everything will go smoothly and there will be set backs in the investigation. Everything is done by the book though. There isn’t so much over dramatization as there is in other crime shows, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be on the edge of your seat, because you will. Season two is a very intense ride with a surprising conclusion. The question is, is that the conclusion for the series or just the case?

‘The Fall’ season two is now on Netflix. Take a look at the preview:


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