Revenge Season 4 Episode 13

Emily looks distraught, but it was all part of the plan.

Emily looks distraught, but it was all part of the plan.

There wasn’t much down time during this episode. From the start Emily was trying to figure out how her and Victoria could escape and then David and Jack were trying to get them back.

Everything Victoria did seemed to be for her own sake, except when it came to claiming she killed Kate, which was especially surprising when it was revealed that Emily and her were working together and at that moment Victoria chose to buy Emily and David more time.

Emily’s revenge story has come to an end. She’s cleared her father’s name and Conrad and Victoria have both been punished. Victoria has even repented a little for what she’s done. And even Malcolm Black has been taken out. That chapter in the series has closed. But the sage continues.

Margaux can’t handle Daniel’s death so she’s lashing out at Emily. Emily hasn’t really done anything wrong. True, there was a lot of collateral damage when it came to her revenge, but she was just trying to get the record straight, that he father was an innocent man. There was so much hurt and betrayal that fueled Emily’s revenge, but for Margaux it’s really misplaced grief.

I’m not so sure I’m looking froward to this new direction. Emily got her happy ending and I think she deserves that. She’s lost so much in her battle and she deserves to find peace.

Nolan is going down a path of his own, a really strange story thread actually. He bonded with Louise after both of their reputations were shattered, but he doesn’t really know her. It’s noble for Nolan to want to try to save her, but marrying her was a step too far.

Earlier it was suggested Louise had something to do with killing her father, but now I’m confused. If the drugs are so she doesn’t remember what happened, what led her to killing him? She seemed to have loved her father and he seems to be the only one she got along with. Unless those are misplaced memories.

But even so, what relevance does this have with the over arching storyline? It’s a thread I just don’t think is needed. Is this part of what was talked about at The Television Critics Association winter press tour, possibly reinventing the show?

Next week Emily is ready to move on, but Margaux isn’t prepared to let her do that. Take a look at the preview:


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