How Long Should ‘Revenge’ Last?

Revenge-Season-1-UPDATE-HQ-Promotional-Poster-revenge-tv-show-25492058-1125-1500When ‘Revenge’ first began I was very excited to see how Emily would succeed in making the Graysons pay and clear her father’s name. I also wondered how long a show about revenge could last.

Now we are four season in and David’s name has been cleared and Conrad is dead. Plus Victoria is suffering. Emily’s plan was a success, but it seems like the show has no plan on ending anytime soon.

According to Entertainment Weekly, ABC President Paul Lee said at the Television Critics Association’s winter TV previews: “I really love the show. We’ll see where we go with it. They have some great storylines coming up this year. There are ways to reinvent it, too.”

So even though Emily’s revenge is over, the writers have more in store for fans, but should they? Should they not conclude on Emily’s success?

Now the new revenge is freeing David from the grips of Malcolm Black and apparently Louise might have her own revenge to conduct against her family. So the name of the show shines through, but how far should it go?

I loved Conrad and Victoria as the main targets. I was sad to see Conrad die and I keep being relieved when Victoria lives on. I was very upset when Daniel died, but he was no longer part of the plan.

I know that showrunners like their series to go on for a long time, but is it worth reinventing this one? As the ABC President proposed.

I loved the concept from the beginning and I was so happy when Emily succeeded. But now I don’t know where the show is going and I would hate for such a great show to spiral out of control. The season three finale might have actually been a great series finale.

Fans are still probably hoping that Emily will end up with Jack and now that Aiden is gone, there is no love triangle for fans to choose sides. Unless things with Ben start heating up, but she is keeping him at arms length.

There has been some good parts of season four. Probably the best was Emily reuniting with her father, but I really don’t know how I feel about this whole Malcolm Black storyline. It’s setting the show in a whole new direction.

Plus now almost everyone knows Emily’s true identity. It may prove interesting watching her handle the fallout, but it will definitely change things.

According to EW, ‘Revenge’ premiered with 10 millions viewers and the latest episode only drew 4 million.

It appears a lot of fans don’t agree with the change in direction either.


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