Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 11

How many people were happy that Erin and Jay finally got together?

How many people were happy that Erin and Jay finally got together?

From the first episode of ‘Chicago P.D.’ there was chemistry between Jay and Erin, but Voight had this strict rule, no in-house relationships. So they danced around it, but when it came down do it, they just couldn’t cross that line.

Now Erin has taken a job with the FBI and she’s free to date him. So finally they are diving in. But how long will she stay with the FBI?

Seeing as Burgess turned the position down and Erin is clearly not happy at the FBI, will that lead her back to Intelligence? The writers haven’t written her out of the show, but I don’t see how the storyline can follow her at the FBI and the rest of the squad at Intelligence. A lot of the storylines made for Burgess and Roman have been really weak. When Atwater was her partner, the story was always better when they were teamed up to work with Intelligence.

In one way I was surprised by Burgess decisionĀ to turn down her spot on Intelligence. This was only what she had been working for. She was really upset when Atwater got the spot last night. Things are different now. She sees Roman is fragile and she doesn’t blame him at all for what happened, but she doesn’t want to leave him behind either. I respect her for staying with Roman. That’s what partners are supposed to do. I think Voight will respect her more for it. And I do believe he will give her another shot.

So where do they go from here? How do the writers bring Erin back to Intelligence? Sophia Bush is a strong character on the show, I can’t see them writing her off completely.

Next week Intelligence is searching for a missing boy, and there is no Erin in sight. Take a look at the preview:


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