State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 8

Charlie is back in the Oval office.

Charlie is back in the Oval office.

‘State of Affairs’ is on the verge of a war and things look like they are about to get really messy.

Things were a little shaky when Charlie was gone. It didn’t take long for the President to realize that she needed Charlie back. Charlie’s team is good at the research part, but when it comes to proposing a theory, they just can’t cut it.

Senator Green is really trying to ruin Constance. She’s about to say that the President and CIA mishandled an investigation that just got started. They are actually making progress. Especially now that Charlie is back. Things don’t just happen over night.

Things were really looking suspicious when Marshall was going behind his wife’s back. He may only be doing it to get answers to his son’s death, but I don’t think he’s prepared for what he’s about to find. What will he do with the picture of Nick, Charlie and Fatah?

I don’t know if I like David but I certainly liked the character development in this episode. He’s clearly just trying to get information, but is he going too far? He should be careful when dealing with anyone or anything relating to Senator Green. It could come back and slap him in the face or worse hurt the President.

So last week we ended with Nick getting his head covered and what looked really, really bad. This week he’s just sitting in the car with one of Fatah’s associates. Was that all for show? Sure he hasn’t had it easy. He’s had to strip down, give up his cell phone and identify diamonds. He’s having to prove a lot before he can meet up with Fatah. But if this is all leading to Fatah, why didn’t he ask for Charlie? Why Nick?

This week we leave off with a shot of just a normal college girl. Well she appears to be a normal college girl, but she has the symbol of the terrorist group on her book bag. Charlie’s colleagues think it’s nothing, but Charlie knows better.

Next week  things get intense when the realization that there is an active terrorist group is on American soil and is targeting one of their own. Take a look a the preview:


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