Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 13

Elizabeth went to pay her respects for her friend.

Elizabeth went to pay her respects for her friend.

In the last few episodes Elizabeth has been really good at discussing peace. This week she continued that streak, but it had dire consequences.

Unfortunately, not all cultures view things the same as America. The U.S. is a strong advocate of hunan rights and Elizabeth tried to uphold that. Then things got really complicated.

Things were already really rough between Stevie and Elizabeth and the secretary inviting over her old school friend, who just happens to be a prince of a country that is okay with slave labor, to dinner didn’t help matters. Especially when he wasn’t able to get his father to accept the rejection of immunity.

There was a start of a heated debate at the table before Henry stopped it. Just because Elizabeth’s friend has more forward thinking views, didn’t mean his country agreed with them or that he could speak openly about it.

Elizabeth has a way of convincing people to do things. Maybe it has something to do with her CIA analyst training. She knows people and she knows what to say to them. To be fair I don’t think it really took that much persuading for the Prince. He wanted to do that, but he wanted to do it when he had the crown.

He took a stand too early and it cost him his life. It’s a shame he had to die, but someone has to stand up for human rights too. It’s a harsh reminder about how other parts of the world live and how hard it is to change things. The U.S. didn’t just happen to be a free country, it took time and a lot of sacrifices to get there.

This was probably one of the best episodes for Téa Leoni. Her character had to deal with a very hard decision. Her friend had just died, but would she attend the funeral. That was a lot of reasons not to attend on a official capacity, but he was her friend.

Maybe seeing what happened with the Prince made Stevie rethink her views of her mother. Maybe she’s finally seeing how complicated the world really is. Stevie has lived a pretty privileged life. But it is really nice having Stevie test Elizabeth.

This was such a moving episode, but the writers gave us a little smile at the end when Nadine went public with her relationship.


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