Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 12

Elizabeth tries to have a nice romantic weekend with her husband, but it gets cut short.

Elizabeth tries to have a nice romantic weekend with her husband, but it gets cut short.

Everything fell apart when Elizabeth tried to go on vacation, but it didn’t take her very long to clean it all up.

It was nice to see Elizabeth and Henry trying to celebrate their 25th anniversary. But they shouldn’t have been too surprised when a lot had changed in 24 years. They wanted to stay in the same hotel and go to the same restaurant they did on their first anniversary, but a lot has changed, including them. What was supposed to be a romantic weekend turned into a disaster.

For a moment the writers made us think that Henry’s involvement with the NSA would have an affect on Elizabeth. Not quite. While it was no coincidence that the religious scholar that Henry was spying on turned up at the restaurant, it wasn’t for the reasons Henry believed. But it does make me wonder if Henry will continue working for the NSA. Will he be this guy’s handler? I know Elizabeth would not approve, but I really hope that’s where this is going.

I really like Tim Daly and I would like to see his character used more and this would be a great way to do it. Henry has depth and it’s a shame he doesn’t have much more of storyline, but if the writers continue down this path he could.

Not that I don’t enjoy Elizabeth fixing problems left and right, because I do. She’s great. I loved that in just a matter of minutes ( well screen minutes) she just cleaned everything up. She used the governors want of being president and she made sure it would be impossible unless he backed down. It was great.

Each week the stories get more and more interesting and Elizabeth is a bad ass. I don’t see why more young people don’t watch this show. There may not be any physical action but there is a lot of suspense and it’s always nice having a powerful leading lady.

She’ll have another issue to deal with next week. Check out the preview:


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