The Best of 2014

2014 is about to come to a close. But before we say goodbye, lets take a look back at some of the best TV had to offer. Then we can get excited for 2015!

Best New Show – Chicago P.D.
In the beginning of 2014 ‘Chicago P.D’ stormed on to TV and has been nothing but action packed ever since. When the show premiered we didn’t know if Voight was a corrupt cop or not and the writers killed off one of the Intelligence Unit’s officers right from the beginning. At one point Voight’s son was messed up in a murder and Voight risked his career to save him. The writers just don’t know what neural is. And when the show returns next year, Burgess’ life is in the balance and Roman will be feeling very guilty, at least he really should be. There are a lot of cop shows on TV, but ‘Chicago P.D’ is in high gear at the moment. 

Breakthrough Character – Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), Gotham 
gotham-poster-penguin-404x600The Penguin was always one of the legendary characters in the Batman comics and films, but Robin Lord Taylor has brought the character to a new level. Owsald’s rise to the top is just as epic as the villain he becomes. He’s smart, cunning and it’s hard not to root for him. A Gotham episode is not at it’s best unless it features Oswald and his plot to the top. He’s got everyone fooled, but not us. We know how awesome he really is.


The most powerful women on TV
TV is a much better place for women than the world of film and there are a lot of strong ladies on TV. There are three at the moment that are particularly on top of their game and are extremely powerful in their world. There was just too many to name just one.
Emily Thorn (Emily VanCamp) Revenge – After years of plotting revenge, she finally cleared her father’s name and took down Conrad. And she’s also took over the Manor. She came really close to taking down Victoria too. But the truth is when Victoria goes down, ‘Revenge’ will be over.
Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) Madam Secretary – Just being secretary of state is a pretty powerful position, but Elizabeth has been able to get a lot done in just a short time on the job. She’s getting to the bottom of what happened to her predecessor. It’s a big conspiracy, but she has found some great leads. It’s a shame that younger people are not watching this great woman.
Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) Nashville – She may not be solving conspiracies or bringing the bad guys down, but she’s the top lady in country music, at least in the world of ‘Nashville’. She won every award she was nominated for at the CMA’s and it looks like her record label is doing pretty well. She was part of a high profile couple and she broke it off. How many people would have the guts to break that off? It would have been easier just to walk down the isle. Through it all she still wants a nice normal family and she tries really hard to achieve that. In the world of ‘Nashville’, she’s one powerful lady.

Most Under Appreciated Show – The Affair
MV5BMjM2MTM2ODMwOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTk3OTM1MjE@._V1_SY317_CR9,0,214,317_AL_‘The Affair’ never seemed to get as much love as it should have. It aired Sunday nights after ‘Homeland’ and it followed Noah and Alison’s affair. We got to see both sides of the story and from the beginning we knew someone had been murdered, but we didn’t know who. Eventually the writers told us who was killed, but didn’t give us any clue who killed the person. Sunday night Showtime aired the season finale that didn’t wrap up any loose ends. There was a suspect taken into custody, but we still don’t know how that man died, but there were some major surprises. No true spoilers here, so you can check out the series out!

Best Cliffhanger – Scandal
DVD_cover,_Scandal_season_4,_September_2014 (1)A lot of the mid-season finale’s this year lacked truly great cliffhangers. Sure the episode was great, but what are we dying to see when the show returns? In ‘Scandal’ Liv was kidnapped and Fitz and Jake will either have to rescue her or Fitz will have to start a war to appease his Vice President. They’ve been dealing with Rowan for so long and now that he’s out of the picture, Olivia has been taken. I guess he’s been watching over her after all. She’s the main character so she can’t die, but that doesn’t say things can’t get bad.

Favorite Villain – Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), Gotham
He’s just that great he’s on here twice. Hands down he’s the best villain on ‘Gotham’, but he’s also the best villain on TV at the moment too. Victoria from ‘Revenge’ is also a great villain, but the second half of the year she’s been a little weak. The best or worst thing she’s done this year is kill Aiden. Which was just totally uncalled for. Other than Victoria, who we love to hate, there really isn’t too many villains that we want to see stick around for a long time, because we’re just rooting for the good guys. But Oswald has us rooting for him. That’s what makes him such a good villain.

Favorite Bromance – Stefan and Damon (Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder) The Vampire Dairies 
Normally I would probably pick Dean and Sam from ‘Supernatural’ for this category, especially with how many times they have saved each other. But this season my favorite Bromance is Stefan and Damon. Damon died saving Stefan and Stefan lost himself when he couldn’t find a way to save his brother. It was a great moment when Damon came back from being trapped in an alternate universe and the brothers were reunited. But it got even better when Stefan gave Damon his car back, after he restored it. So maybe Stefan hadn’t given up completely, he just focused on something he could fix. It’s so nice to see these two back together.

Best Couple – Juliette and Avery (Hayden Panettiere, Jonathan Jackson) Nashville

The surprise wedding!

The surprise wedding!

This was a really hard category. There hasn’t been a lot of great couples of 2014. Remember the days of Stefan and Elena or Elena and Damon? Remember Meredith and Derek? Or lets go way back and remember Buffy and Angel and Joey and Pacey. Those were some really great couples. Then I realized there is a couple that stands out, Juliette and Avery. We’ve watched them have a pretty hard year. We were so mad at Juliette for sleeping with Jeff and were so relieved to find out she was carrying Avery’s baby. Through it all we rooted for them. Then on the winter finale we were expecting to watch Luke and Rayna’s wedding, though we were hoping it would fall through. And instead of a big celebrity wedding, we got a quite one with Juliette and Avery. These two just click together. They bring out the best in each other (most of the time). And they’ve both done some pretty horrible things. After it all, they’ve finally found each other again.

Most Anticipated Break-up – Meredith and Derek (Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey) Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith watching Derek walk away.

Meredith watching Derek walk away.

Since Cristina told Meredith that she’s the sun, not Derek, and Meredith told Derek she wasn’t leaving, the break-up has been inevitable. She never asked Derek to stay and Derek has been resenting her because he stayed. Our favorite couple of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has been on the rocks for the second half of the year. Not long ago we also heard news of Patrick Dempsey leaving the show. All signs were pointing to the two falling apart. As much as we saw it coming, it was still sad watching Derek walk away. 

Most Heartbreaking Break-up – Emily and Aiden (Emily VanCamp, Barry Sloane) Revenge 
Can we call it a break-up when he was killed? Emily had succeeded in clearing her father’s name and taking down Conrad. It looked like her and Aiden were going to get their chance. But Victoria wouldn’t have that. Aiden was finishing up the plan. Victoria was the last loose end, but she was one step ahead. Victoria left Aiden as a present for Emily in her house. It was one of the most heartbreaking death scenes.

Couple that Needs to Get Together Already – Stefan and Caroline (Paul Wesley, Candice Accola) The Vampire Dairies 

Caroline looses all hope.

Caroline loses all hope.

I’ve been wanting Stefan and Caroline to get together for a while now. They just seemed so cute and I felt like there was something brewing with them. Then Lexi mentioned it too at then end of season four, so it really wasn’t just me. It didn’t become totally clear that Caroline had feelings for Stefan until Stefan died and then more so at the beginning of this season. But either Stefan doesn’t have feelings for her or he just hasn’t figure it out yet. We’ll have to wait till ‘The Vampire Diaries’ returns to see if these two will ever get it together.

Best Love Triangle – Olivia, Jake and Fitz (Kerry Washington, Scott Foley, Tony Goldwyn) Scandal
Love triangles are probably one the most overused story lines, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t enjoy them. Most triangles we have a favorite guy for the girl to end up with. But the love triangle in ‘Scandal’ is very complicated and I have no idea who I want Liv to be with in the end. I really liked the Fitz and Olivia romance, but the more I see Jake and Liv, the more I like them too. I really just can’t decide. I think Jake is hotter, but I think Fitz is her true love. But it doesn’t seems like Fitz will ever leave his wife and for his political career he probably shouldn’t. Every other triangle I knew who she should end up with, but not this time. I’m just so torn!

Biggest Miss – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
buffy-season-2-posterFor whatever reason ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ seems to be the biggest missed show at the moment. There are many articles about why ‘Buffy’ still rocks and there was even a panel remembering the show at the New York Comic Con this year. People are still obsessed with this show even though it ended over ten years ago.  I guess Buffy and the Scooby gang are really immortal.


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