‘State of Affairs’ is More Than it First Appeared

Charlie finally remembers.

Charlie finally remembers.

So last week I said I wanted know what happened the night Charlie’s fiancé died, and this week I found out. This was one of the biggest intrigues of the show and they’ve already told us what happened, well at least from Charlie’s perspective.

While the big mystery of the show is wrapping up, already, there’s a lot more that is surfacing. For starters there’s a scary covert opps company that seems to know more than the CIA. It’s unclear whether or not they can be trusted. It’s also unclear who is torturing Nick, but he’s not giving them anything.

One thing I really liked about this week’s episode was how much more screen time the supporting characters got.

Clearly the writers thought with Katherine Heigl’s name they could draw people in, but there are a lot of great characters they just need more screen time. And this week they finally got it.

In the preview for next year, it looks like there’s a lot on the way. A lot of lies and deception and Charlie won’t know who to trust or maybe she trusts to many.

It appears that the mystery of what happened to Charlie’s fiancé was just setting the show up. There’s a lot more to this new CIA drama and here’s a look at what’s to come:



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