HBO is Changing the Way it Releases Ratings

images (33)HBO is really striving to keep up with the way people watch TV these days. First they announced they would offer HBO Go by itself, meaning you don’t have to have cable to watch HBO. Now the network has announced that it won’t release live plus same day ratings, starting in 2015.

According to a statement by HBO, the ratings will be released two weeks after the program airing. The ratings will include seven days of DVR playback from Nielsen and the preliminary data from HBO On Demand and HBO Go.

The statement also said: “HBO subscribers have available to them an array of entry points to watch our programming – HBO linear feeds, DVR, HBO On Demand and HBO GO –and a single airing is no longer representative of an HBO show’s true audience size.”

People don’t just watch live TV anymore. Some people don’t even have cable and they watch all their TV online. HBO is striving to get the real numbers of who watches its programs.

So many new shows are being cancelled because its ratings are too low. Maybe if networks were a little bit more patient, those ratings would rise.

Entertainment Weekly reported that during the fourth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ the live ratings were 6.6 million, but the season average viewership grew to 19.1 million. This included encore episodes, DVR playback, On Demand and streaming.

The way people watch TV is changing and a lot of people don’t watch an episode the day of or even the day after it airs. There are people who like to binge watch shows too. Which is why shows on Netflix are so great. The episodes are all released at once.

Overnight ratings are no longer an accurate way of judging how many viewers a show has. It’s good that networks are trying to keep up with the changing landscape of TV.


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