Biggest Shocks of 2014

As the year is coming to a close, lets take a look back at some of the biggest TV show twists. There were a lot of them. The writers like to keep us on our toes and want us to keep tuning in every week. But sometimes the shocking twists are more than just a reason to tune in again. Sometimes they change the show completely.

Here’s a look at the biggest shocks of the 2014:

5. Alaric coming back (The Vampire Diaries) 
On ‘The Vampire Diaries’ a lot of characters come back to life. Bonnie has brought Jeremy back to life twice. Instead of dying Caroline and Elena have turned into vampires and Bonnie has died as well. Most characters just can’t stay dead. But Alaric has been gone since the season three finale and there were no expectations of bringing him back. No one was trying to find a way to bring him back. Then in the season five finale Bonnie figures out how to bring everyone, except herself, back. It was a great surprise. And it’s nice to have Alaric back.

4. Dean turning into a demon (Supernatural) 
DeanDemonWe all knew the Mark of Cain would have deadly consequences and dying is nothing knew for Dean or Sam. But neither one of them has ever been a demon before. As Dean lay dying dead on the bed, I was wondering how Sam was going to save Dean this time around. Crowley was talking about his suspicions and I was getting very nervous. But nothing could prepare me for when Dean opened his eyes and they were black. It was a nice surprise after so many seasons. It shows the writers can even make the Winchester’s deaths new.

3. Olivia getting kidnapped (Scandal)
ScandalIn a show that shocking twists just seem part of the norm, nothing could have prepared us for Liv being taken. Rowan said over and over again that he’s been taking care of her, but who knew that he was actually looking after his daughter. I’m not sure who was more surprised, Jake when he walked out to find her gone or Fitz when he’s being blackmailed.

2. Sweets dying (Bones)
Sweets has been an integral part of the show since season three and there was no indication that he would be leaving. He was about to become a dad too. Booth was back and everything was almost right with the world again. Then everything came crumbling down. ‘Bones’ will just never be the same.

1. David Clarke being alive (Revenge) 
David Clarke‘Revenge’ is another one of those shows that likes to shock the audience, but David Clarke still being alive had to be one of the biggest twists. We saw David get stabbed in jail. Conrad, Victoria and Emily all thought he was dead. The writers gave us no clues that he was still alive. Not only was this the biggest twist of the show yet, it was probably the most surprising.

Other notable shocks:

Aiden, Conrad and Daniel dying (Revenge) – I’m not sure which death was more heartbreaking, Daniel or Aiden’s. Daniel dying was a shock and it was sad he wasn’t going to miss his child growing up. When Aiden died things were looking up for Emily. She had succeeded in brining down Conrad and clearing her father’s name. She was so close to being able to be happy. Then Victoria went and took her true love away. Conrad dying was just a big shock, but it was also a nice justice.

Stefan dying (The Vampire Diaries) – Stefan may not have stayed dead, but I did not see that coming.

Beth dying (The Walking Dead) – We all know at some point characters are going to die, but the way Beth died was so unexpected.

Charlie Skinner dying (The Newsroom) – ‘The Newsroom’ is not one of those shows that kills off their characters, so when Charlie collapsed while having a heart attack, I was speechless.

Sheriff Forbes having cancer (The Vampire Diaries) – Usually when characters die in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ it’s quick and usually surprising, but this time around we have prior notice of Forbes dying. We will have to watch Caroline lose her mother, but we will also get to say goodbye.


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