The Secrets Pull You into ‘State of Affairs’

It's more than just an interview.

It’s more than just an interview.

‘State of Affairs’ is getting very exciting, but there’s one thing that is bothering me. Charlie seems to have a blind spot when it comes to Nick.

Everyone is saying what a bad guy Nick is. Why would she trust him? I understand not having many people to trust, but he just doesn’t seem the most trust worthy. The bond they have is annoying me and makes me think she might get killed because of it.

Charlie seems very good at her job, but it seems she might have made a mistake and this mistake may cost her everything. The whole story of what happened hasn’t been revealed, so all of the events that caused the attack the night her finance died is not clear yet. But the story is coming out more every week.

From the other CIA shows I’ve seen, the agency is a tough place and there are always secrets. Sometimes you get read in on something and others you don’t. Charlie seems to be very high up on the clearance list. But maybe there are some secrets she shouldn’t be keeping to herself. She’s got the ear and friendship of the President and Charlie is keeping her in the dark.

The secrets are what make this show so intriguing. Some secrets Charlie is even keeping from herself. The other thing I like about this show is how flawed Charlie is. She’s this kick ass CIA analyst, but she goes out drinking at night and can’t face what really happened. It seems to be that what happened may destroy her.

I’ve had reservations about this show, but the writers have got me hooked and I want to know what happened.

Next week Charlie wants to know the truth. Check out the preview:


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