Best Winter Finales of 2014

A lot of you favorite shows just wrapped up for 2014 and won’t be back till the New Year. Thankfully the break isn’t as long as the summer break. But the Winter Finale is a time for the writers to give fans big cliff hangers. They want to make sure we’ll be tuning in when the show returns. There were some great twists and turns this season and the writers left us really hanging. Sometimes it just seems mean.

Here is a list of the best mid-season finales this season and the crazy journeys the writers put the fans on:

7. ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Christmas Through Your Eyes

Caroline looses all hope.

Caroline loses all hope.

With Christmas in the title of the episode you might expect there to be nothing but holiday cheer, but the only cheer was in the flashbacks.

Kai was creating a family reunion and giving his sister Joe back her magic, just so he could take it from her. Just when Joe was believing she could beat Kai, he takes all of the Travelers’ magic and becomes more powerful than ever. On the upside of taking the Travelers’ magic, they can all go back home to Mystic Falls now.

The mid-season finale left us with two cliffhangers. First with Sheriff Forbes having cancer and there being no hope for her. I guess that’s not too much of a cliff hanger, since it’s inevitable, but it is a very sad ending. I guess the cliff hanger is how will Caroline deal with this news? The second was Kai taking Elena, especially when it seemed things were looking up for the Elena and Damon. Another sad part of the episode was watching Bonnie burn a Christmas tree. This was just a very depressing episode, but very good.

6. ‘Nashville’: First to Have a Second Chance 

The surprise wedding!

The surprise wedding!

Rayna came very, very close to marrying Luke and I’m sure that made Rayna and Deacon shippers very nervous. But right before the wedding she calls it off. It was a sad, but also very relieving moment.

Another shaky part of the episode for Deacon fans was when Scarlett found him passed out. I think the assumption was he either drank too much or tried to take his life, instead he might have cancer. Which is heartbreaking when Rayna may have just opened the door for them again.

One of the most shocking parts of the episodes was finding Layla face down in the pool. I know she’s had a hard time with her husband being gay, but she’s done such a good job channeling it into her music.

The next big surprise of the episode was a very happy one, Juliette and Avery got married, just when it seemed like he was going to give up on them.

At the end of the episode, news of Gunnar’s son not being his, but his brother’s, made Gunnar run into the arms of Scarlett. A lot of drama for a very good episode.

5. ‘Gotham’: Lovecraft 

After an exciting adventure, Bruce is back to investigating his parents death.

Bruce investigating his parents death.

Bruce and Cat were on the run from assassins and it was very exciting watching the boy find some of the strength he’ll have when he’s Batman. But the truly most exciting part of this episode was when Gordon was removed from detective duty and put on Arkham, the mental hospital. The question is how does be pull himself all the way back up?


4. ‘Revenge’: Atonement

Emily never trusted Kate and was one step ahead.

Emily never trusted Kate and was one step ahead.

Emily figured out who Malcolm’s FBI agent was and was trying to use her to get to Malcolm. What she didn’t know was that Kate was Malcolm’s daughter. And it’s a good thing Nolan was still looking into Kate, otherwise things might have ended much differently for Emily.

She fought almost to the death with Kate. It was the best fight scene I’ve ever seen in ‘Revenge’. It was both daughters fighting for their fathers. Daniel heard the fight and came running in. He had no reason to try and save Emily, but that’s what he did and died because of it. He died in Emily’s arms. It was a very fitting ending for the character, but it was sad to see him go.

Jack came running into to save Emily and took out Kate. Aiden may be gone, but Emily still has the men in her life coming to her rescue.

3. ‘Chicago P.D.’: Called in Dead

Erin looking at Jay as she tells the unit she's leaving.

Erin looking at Jay as she tells the unit she’s leaving.

‘Chicago P.D.’ knows how to bring the action and the writers brought so much more for the fall finale. The episode started with Nadia’s friend overdosing and giving Erin intel on where to find the drug. The unit then pulls a raid on the dealers and steals their supply. And that was all just in the first ten minutes.

Bringing the guys down wasn’t easy. They had to turn suspects and one by one bring the bad guys down.

Just as things were cooling off, Erin says she’s taking the task force job. Leaving the future of Sophia Bush’s character  on the in question.

Then Roman was fighting with his ex-partner/girlfriend. While they couldn’t stop fighting Burgess gets shot. We are left hanging not knowing if she will be okay.

2. ‘The Walking Dead’: Coda
laurie-walking-deadRescue episodes are always good and this one was one of the best. It was a very calculated plan and everything seemed to be going so well, until Dawn wanted Noah back. Rick didn’t want to hand the boy over and Dawn said no deal. So Noah said he would stay, but Beth wouldn’t have that and stabbed Dawn. Then she shot Beth. Without even thinking Daryl shot Dawn. It was a very shocking and emotionally scene. Even if you knew it was coming, you would still be stunned.

Then Daryl carried her out of the hospital, where Maggie was waiting to see her sister again, not knowing what had happened. It was gut wrenching watch Maggie realize her sister was dead. ‘The Walking Dead’ knows how to do death really well and this one was one of the best. It wasn’t very gory, but it was shocking and heartbreaking.

1. ‘Scandal’: Where the Sun Don’t Shine 
DVD_cover,_Scandal_season_4,_September_2014Liv was working with her two men to bring down her father. A man that you don’t want to piss off and no one can take down. Rowan acted like he’s the one who has been protecting Olivia all this time. That she wouldn’t have been able to do all she’s done without him. And now all that is over.

They tried to take Rowan down and couldn’t. He was off in the wind. Olivia was very happy about this. She said her father was gone and she just wanted to stand in the sun with Jake.

Jake went into the bedroom to get a blanket, but when he came back Liv was gone, she had been taken. Apparently Rowan had been taking care of her.

Huck and Quinn had found out that the Vice President and Elizabeth’s plan had something to do with Liv, but they just didn’t know what. Apparently they want the President to go to war, but he wouldn’t go willingly, so they took the one person that he would do anything to save.


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