The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Mid-season Finale

Caroline looses all hope.

Caroline loses all hope.

Caroline always has hope, she’s the most optimistic of them all. There isn’t a problem you can’t solve and in spite of everything she powers through and makes memories along the way. This time there is no hope. There’s nothing she can do to make this better. And it’s so heartbreaking. The eternal optimist has lost all hope.

This was an interesting mid-season finale. In the midst of Joe trying to figure out how to defeat Kai and Kai getting all of the travelers magic, there was actually some good news. They get to go back home to Mystic Falls. Not only that, Damon got his car back. Then Elena was going to come over and have dinner with Damon. All was looking really good. But while the end of the episode was looking good, I was waiting for Kai to appear. And he did in the last few seconds of the episode and he took Elena.

Why Elena? Because Damon’s the one trying to stop him? Damon has no sway over Joe and Alaric, so if Kai’s endgame has something to do with Joe, this won’t help. But if it’s just to get back at Damon, well then good play on Kai.

Elena will have to be rescued, but Stefan is going to be a bit busy dealing with Matt and Enzo. I don’t exactly feel sorry for Matt at all. Jeremy tried to tell him that going up against vampires wasn’t a good idea. Granted there was no way of knowing that the no magic curse would be lifted from Mystic Falls when Matt drove Enzo across the boarder. It was still a no win situation either way. But how exactly does Enzo plan on sucking all the happiness from Stefan’s life? He can’t take away Stefan’s brother, that’s his best friend. I don’t expect him to strike at Caroline, because he has a little thing for her. So what does that leave? I’m very curious to find out what his plan will be.

There was some cheerfulness in this episode with the Christmas flashbacks, but it didn’t last long with Bonnie putting up her own tree and burning it. Elena and Damon are trying so hard to bring her back, but are coming up empty. I hope Bonnie knows that they haven’t given up hope yet.

When ‘The Vampire Diaries’ returns next year, Elena will need to be saved and Joe will have to figure out how to beat a new, more powerful Kai. Things are not looking too good. And it looks like we will be saying goodbye to Sheriff Forbes soon. But there is still hope for Caroline and Stefan and Elena and Damon, so maybe there are some good things coming too.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ returns January 22 and Damon is trying to find away to get Elena back. Check out the preview:


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