Bones 200th Episode

Brennan gets promoted to detective.

Brennan gets promoted to detective.

So I’m not really sure what to say about this episode. It had nothing to do with the current storyline and it didn’t seem to be a dream, like we’ve had before. It was just a totally bizarre episode. And I’m not sure why the writers chose to create a completely make believe world for these characters.

Brennan was no longer a forensic anthropologist, she was a cop of the LAPD. Booth was no longer an FBI agent, he was a jewel thief. Angela was still an artist on top of her day job, so one thing stayed the same. Hodgins was a dinosaur bones guy and Edison was his assistant. Caroline was an club owner, Wendell was a reporter and there were other interns scattered around too. It was pretty funny when Pelant showed up though, not as himself of course.

So tell me again, why did the writers think this was a great episode for the landmark 200? I wasn’t absolutely thrilled with the 200th episode of ‘Supernatural’ either, but at least it was making fun of itself with a musical about the books that were about their lives.

I’m really just confused about the point of this episode.


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