Nashville Season 3 Winter Finale

The surprise wedding!

The surprise wedding!

There was a ‘Nashville’ wedding, but not the one that everyone was expecting and it was very quiet.

I’m so happy that Avery and Juliette have reconciled. They were always great together. They’ve both made mistakes and been horrible people, but together they brought out better versions of themselves. Minus the one incident with Jeff.

The preview for this episode made you think Deacon was going to try and commit suicide, but it turns out he might have cancer. I was surprised by the preview because as much as I know he’s hurting, he still has Maddie. It just sucks that he’s facing this because he finally had a good life. He may not have Rayna, though that may change, but he has Maddie and Scarlet. Someone will have to make him face it and take the test. He may be completely fine, but he has to fight it.

It wasn’t Deacon that tried to kill himself in this episode, it was Layla. She was so drunk though, she probably didn’t know what she was actually doing. It doesn’t look good for Layla. It really looks like she’s dead. If she is, I know it’s not nice to say this, but stupid girl. I’m sorry her husband is gay and that her fling dumped her, but her music is getting really good and all of this could of just been put into her music.

I don’t really believe Jeff had feelings for Layla. I’m sure he was having fun and actually enjoying himself, but it wasn’t real.

I’m not even sure what to say about Saddie. In some ways I was nervous about what her ex might do to her, but at the same time I wasn’t really expecting him to hit her. That was a really hard punch. Now we can see why she left him. If she’s really as strong as she says she is now, she needs to fight back. Not physically, but press charges, get a restraining order. She doesn’t deserve this.

What is Gunnar going to do about Micah? He may not be his own son, but he’s still family. Gunnar looked up to his brother so much and all his brother ever did was hurt him. I wonder if Kiley knew Jason was the father and that’s why she left all those years ago. I was so mad at Kiley’s parents though. They think Gunner is this horrible person and he’s really not. He’s one of the sweetest people on ‘Nashville’.

I never really thought Luke and Rayna would get married. I’m not saying Rayna will end up with Deacon, but the writers can’t take away all hope now. Fans would be upset and epic romance of the show would be over. But did she leave Luke for Deacon? I think there was a lot more to it than that. She didn’t like what her life was becoming and who her girls were becoming.

I also believe that she loved Teddy and Luke, but she was using them because she’s too scared to try it again with Deacon. I think that’s what she was talking about, all of her mistakes and she can’t keep making them.

What happens next? This has to be a press nightmare. Rayna and Luke are supposed to go on their honeymoon tour together. What happens with that?

‘Nashville’ will return February 4 and there will be a lot of fallout:


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