Chicago PD Season 2 Fall Finale

Erin looking at Jay as she tells the unit she's leaving.

Erin looking at Jay as she tells the unit she’s leaving.

I had a bad feeling when Roman and his ex partner were fighting. As Burgess walked up to the house I wanted her to stop. She rang the doorbell and got shot. Now we see why Voight doesn’t like in house romances. It leads to someone getting hurt.

But maybe Erin and Jay can actually be together now that she’s leaving Intelligence. But what does this mean for the show? Is Sophia Bush sticking around or is she leaving ‘Chicago P.D.’? She was the reason why I started watching this show. Not saying I would stop if she left, but I would really miss her.

Some of the midseason finales this December have been a little lackluster. Not ‘Chicago P.D.’. It really brought a great episode. I loved them breaking into the club to steal the drugs and it was a crazy ride trying to bring these guys down. It was everything ‘Chicago P.D.’ is known for.

Putting Olinsky’s wife in jeopardy made it that much more suspenseful. I was sitting there on the edge of my seat waiting to see how he was going to save his wife and not let the bad guys get the drugs back. He came through in the end, but I’m not sure how is wife is going to be felling about him now.

Between Antonio’s kid getting abducted and Antonio getting shot, it drove his wife away. Well he could have kept his wife if he left his job. There’s no way Olinsky is quitting his job. So where does that leave Olinsky and his wife?

On top of all the suspense, Erin gave us an answer to the task force job opportunity, which wasn’t what I was expecting. As great an opportunity as it is, I don’t want her to leave.

Then to wrap things up, the writers put Burgess’s life in danger. It looks like she could survive with that shot, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was her partner that got her shot. This opens up a lot of doors for writers when we return.


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