Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Stuns in London

VS group shotThe Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took place in London last week, but the rest of the world enjoyed the show Tuesday night. And it was well worth the wait.

The thing that amazed me the most from the show was the runway. I know how silly that sounds. There’s beautiful women walking on the runway in amazing lingerie and I was amazed by the runway itself. But the runway was stunning and each segment it lit up differently and took you to another place.

My favorite segment of the show was the Fairy Tale segment. It really looked like a fairy tale up on the runway and I really just want to call it a stage, with all the great performances. Hozier performed during this section of the show.

Over the last week I’ve heard a lot about Taylor Swift’s performances and Ariana Grande and a little about Ed Sheeran, but nothing about Hozier. While I’m a big fan of Taylor and a fan of the other two artists, I’ve never heard of Hozier before. Fairy Tale is still my favorite segment, despite the lack of my favorite musician.

I just loved how the wings and lingerie matched up so well and the segment was so magical, including the runway.

By the looks of the show the models were having the most fun in the Dream Girls segment, where Taylor sang ‘Blank Space’. They were all lip syncing and dancing along to Taylor. ‘Blank Space’ is such a cute song, it’s no wonder the models were having so much fun.

My favorite piece also came out of the Dream Girls segment. Karlie Kloss wore a pink corset and matching wings. I know it’s one of the more conservative pieces, but I just love it. You could match it with jeans and nice heals.

Taylor had two killer performances. Her second closed out the show with her performance debut of ‘Style’.

Taylor was like an honorary Angel on the runway. She wore peach and black lace lingerie with a robe for the first performance and a black lace dress for the second. She knows how to work the runway too. She collaborated with the models as they walked and really stole the show.

Ariana Grande sounded amazing and did a killer performance even with getting hit by an Angel’s wing, which was not broadcasted. She was nowhere near as comfortable on the runway as Taylor was though.

Ed Sheeran looked a little shy during his performance, but he was still amazing. I can’t imagine standing there singing as these beautiful women walk past you. It would be pretty hard to concentrate. Even as a woman, your looking at the stunning lingerie. Ed was thrown a kiss from one of the models and another was lip syncing back to him.

Despite the lack of press Hozier got after his performance, he looked quite comfortable up there. One of the models was even lip syncing to his song.

It was a wonderful night in fashion, music and TV.

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