The Top 5 Serial Killers of ‘Bones’

bones_poster8Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that Booth was trying to convince Brennan to work with him again and their budding relationship was just beginning, but that was ten seasons ago and 200 episodes. Thursday is the ‘Bones’ 200th episode and over those episodes there have been a lot of great serial killers. In honor of the 200th episode I am counting down the top five serial killers from the show. They are all gone now, who will be next?

5. The Ghost Killer – Stephanie McNamara At the beginning of season nine, Pelant tells Brennan that there is another serial killer on the loose and he believes they are a woman. Brennan was obsessed with finding the suspect, but there was no evidence to support Pelant’s theory. And that was because Stephanie’s father, a medical examiner and a judge covered up her murders, and Glen Durant used his connections to get rid of evidence. The mystery is what made this case so great. It all unraveled when Stephanie was found dead. The man that was framed for her first murder had come back for revenge. Stephanie had made her murders looked like accidents or hid the bodies really well and this made it almost impossible to solve the case. The one down fall of this serial killer was that it unfolded way to quickly. Here’s a look at the mystery that Brennan thought she would never solve:

4. Howard Epps This is the first serial killer of ‘Bones’ and and he started a list of epic serial killers the show would feature. Howard had a rough childhood. His mother bathed him in ammonia anytime he dated, because she considered all the girls to be sluts. This made him kill females later in life, starting with blonds. He had an IQ of 180 and liked playing games with Brennan leaving her clues. This is what made this serial killer so great, the games he played with the squints. He always seemed like he was one step ahead, but Booth outsmarted him in the end. When Epps escaped from prison he hid in the apartment right next to Brennan. Booth figured it out and went to her rescue. Cam almost died and Zac was faced with an explosion all in investigating his murders. It was a pretty exciting storyline.

3. Christopher Pelant Pelant is probably the most brutal serial killers the squints have faced. He was another brilliant man, just like Howard Epps. He began his criminal career hacking into the Senate and Pentagon because he believed the U.S. government is corrupt. He get convicted. Then when he first appeared in ‘Bones’ he placed a skull and spine in front of a statue of Abraham Lincoln and left the message – ‘Where’s the rest of me?’ The rest of the remains were where the FBI keeps information about informants. He then tells a reporter about his crimes and how the FBI is corrupt. He gets nervous and kills the reporter. Just when the squints thought they had him, he says his ankle bracelet gives him a solid alibi. That was just the beginning. Pelant frames Brennan for the murder of her friend by altering video footage and using stolen items from the Jeffersonian. The evidence was piling up against Brennan and she was going to have to surrender herself and go to jail, but then Pelant would be able to control her. So she left with her father and Christine. Eventually Brennan came home and they were able to point the evidence towards Pelant, but then finger prints came back and said he was an Egyptian diplomat. He was taken back to Egypt. Later on when Pelant resurfaces, Hodgins and Angela wake up to a dead skinned body above them. He gets even more brutal when he hacks into a drone and points it towards a school of children. He also hacks into Hodgins’ bank account and makes him choose between the children and his money. Hodgins of course chooses the children and winds up broke. Booth comes so close to getting Pelant in the end, he gets a shot off and shot Pelant in the face. Pelant then tells Booth to turn down Brennan’s proposal or he’ll kill innocent people and he can’t tell her why. Pelant was a great serial killer because he was smart and was always two steps ahead. All of them were put in danger and Brennan almost lost everything because of him. He was able to hack into everything which made the you feel like he was always watching, which made you look over your shoulder constantly. Here’s a little video highlighting just how dangerous Pelant was:

2. Gormogon This was a very exciting serial killer because the mystery wrapped around the case till the end. Hodgins was in his element with a big conspiracy theory. It didn’t turn out to be a big conspiracy, but the liar they found definitely made it seem like it might be.  This was not just one serial killer but many. The oldest serial killer was Arthur Graves. The final Gormogon was called The Master and his first apprentice that we met was Jason Harkness. The closer and closer we got to the murderer, the more it seemed like every one was the apprentice or Gormogon himself. Sweets was a popular suspect. But it was the unlikely Zack that turned out to be the apprentice. It was a huge shock and great wrap up to the storyline.

1. The Gravedigger – Heather Taffet This is my favorite serial killer because the episode The Gravedigger is introduced in is my favorite ‘Bones’ episode. It’s the episode where Hodgins and Brennan are taken by The Gravedigger and the squints have to find them. After time had run out, Booth was trying to get the squints to think. He said Brennan and Hodgins would have found a way to to get more time. It was a very moving episode and it’s hard not to cry every time I see it. The episode when Booth is taken by the Gravedigger is also a very emotional episode. After the Gravedigger is revealed to be U.S. attorney Heather Taffet, she represents herself on trial. The Gravedigger is a great serial killer and shows the depth of corruption in the system that the show will continue to weave into the storylines.

Happy 200 episodes to the cast and crew of ‘Bones’. That’s 200 and counting.


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