Supernatural Season 10 Episode 9

Dean's dream because a reality.

Dean’s dream becomes a reality.

For the most part this wasn’t the midseason finale I was expecting. There was no official case and most of the episode focused on Cass’s meat suit’s daughter and Crowley dealing with his mother. Other than Dean’s dream in the beginning and him asking Cass to take him out if he goes dark side, there wasn’t much Sam and Dean.

Dean may not have had to go to that extent with those men, but they certainly weren’t backing down.

Dean was acting weird throughout the whole episode. He was non-stop eating. He was watching an old movie, when do they ever watch anything. He was in general, in a cheerful mood. Not like himself at all.

Maybe if he told someone about his dream, then it wouldn’t have come true. But Dean would never admit that he needed help.

So what’s next? Cass is supposed to take Dean out and Sam is going to want to continue to try and save him?

In hell there was also some family drama. Since Crowley was addicted to human blood he’s had a softer side to him. He had a bromance with Dean and was very upset when Dean left him. Now he’s having a soft spot for his mother. I knew she was clearly lying. He just got his kingdom back and now he’s jeopardizing all that to reconnect with his mother. But it should be interesting to watch him with his witch mother.

It was a great cliffhanger with Dean turning dark side and wondering if Sam can still save him. But the rest of the episode wasn’t up to midseason finale expectations. No intriguing case, no finale fight with the monster. It just wasn’t what you would expect out of a ‘Supernatural’ midseason finale.

When ‘Supernatural’ returns January 20 Dean will be full on dark side. Is there anything that can bring him back? Check out the preview:


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