The Originals Season 2 Episode 9

Rebekah's body is waiting for her to return.

Rebekah’s body is waiting for her to return.

Ester turned her children into vampires and then hated what they had become, and now she’s a vampire too. That seems like poetic justice to me. For once they were one step ahead.

But Michael is still on the loose and still wants all of them dead.

Plus what about Dahlia? Will she return from the dead to kill Hope?

I think this is the most I’ve seen the Mikaelson been a family. It was a sweet photograph of Rebekah, Elijah, Hayley, Klaus and Hope. It will probably be the only one they’ll ever have. Ester may be out of commission, but Dahlia could still come back for Hope. Not only did they have the sweet picture, they shared a family tradition, a bonfire and burning wishes, well they tried too.

It breaks my heart that Hayley is going to have to marry Jackson and I was about ready to want to smack Elijah because he’s too nobel, but then finally Elijah embraced Hayley and we all know what happened next. It was about time, even if it can only be a one time thing.

In the new year there will be more Kol and Davina and I’m very happy for that. He finally kissed her and this may be starting to be one of my favorite couples on the show, below Hayley and Elijah of course. I’m actually okay with his plan too. It doesn’t actually kill Klaus, so no one else has to die. But for how long Klaus had Kol daggered, I think it’s time for some payback.

I am mad at Kol for trapping Rebekah though. But we already knew that Claire Holt wouldn’t be sticking around for long. Rebekah is finally in a human body, but she’s a prisoner. The irony is that it’s a prison that Klaus created. At least she didn’t take Cami’s body.

So what’s next for ‘The Originals’? Michael is still out there and he’s rescued Finn. Finn has always hated his siblings. I can’t imagine he would just disappear. And Michael won’t stop till he’s dead again or all of his children are, especially Klaus.

When ‘The Originals’ returns the family feud seems to just be getting started. And Finn is creating ripples thorough the werewolf and vampire communities, which puts Hayley right in the middle. ‘The Originals’ returns January 19. Check out the preview:

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