The Conspiracy is Unraveling on ‘State of Affairs’

Charlie is questioning who she can trust.

Charlie is questioning who she can trust.

As Charlie unravels the truth about the texts, she’s finding out she doesn’t know who she can trust.

Last week’s episode wasn’t the most impressive and while I liked the first two episodes, the third wasn’t what I hoped for. This week things got a whole lot more interesting and sheds light on a lot more characters, which is what I thought the third episode was missing.

The mystery is getting a lot more interesting and dangerous. The secrets that are coming out are putting Charlie in a very bad place. I’m very nervous about what she does next.

Someone close to her knows what happened that night, but she doesn’t know who it is yet. Finding out this makes you look at the characters in a new light and question and scrutinize everything they do.

Not only is the mystery unfolding nicely, this week’s operation was a very intense one too. This time it wasn’t so much to do with National security, than protecting themselves from backlash. But when a decision is made to save people, things end up even worse.

If the writers continue on this path I will definitely be putting this show on my list.

Next week things are getting even more precarious for Charlie. Check out the preview:


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