Revenge Season 4 Episode 10

Emily never trusted Kate and was one step ahead.

Emily never trusted Kate and was one step ahead.

I’ve always liked Daniel and I’m very sad to see him die, but I guess his storyline had dried up a bit. It was great that he was becoming a better man, but that doesn’t make for great revenge. It will certainly leave his mother wanting some though.

Emily is so good at this game now, but it couldn’t stop Daniel from dying and her being pretty close to death too. Daniel actually saved Emily’s life. He became the man his father couldn’t be. It was a wonderful moment when she told him it wasn’t all a lie with him.

I think this had to be one of the best fight scenes of ‘Revenge’. It was daughter against daughter and to the death. Not hat Emily can die, but the fight scene did have me on the edge of my seat worried. I didn’t trust Kate either. I had no idea who she really was, but I just had this gut feeling that she wasn’t being truthful.

How will Malcolm feel when he finds out his daughter is dead? At least I’m assuming she’s dead and if not he’ll still be mad that his daughter was hurt. Will he seek out Emily or Jack? Jack did take the final shot.

Poor Jack, he always seems to get himself wrapped up into something and is always annoyed when Emily tries to warn him or protect him. This time he was sure Kate wasn’t corrupt, but just wanted to be sure. Instead of that apology he wanted from Emily being wrong, she was right and he had to go running to save her.

How are they going to explain what happened at the Manor? A FBI agent got killed, that’s not easy to clean up, even if she was corrupt.

Was David about to kill Victoria? He seemed stunned to find out she betrayed him, but does he know something he’s not saying? I thought he was in love with Victoria? He said he was going after Malcolm and he got the poison to kill someone.  I’m very confused about what’s going on with them.

Victoria finally came clean to David. She didn’t exactly tell him the whole story, nothing about what she did to Amanda after he was taken away, but truth is hard for Victoria. It was a very vulnerable moment for her, but what does that mean for her future?

We will have to wait to see the aftermath of Daniel’s death till next year. ‘Revenge’ returns January 4. Check out the preview:


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