The Vampire Dairies Season 6 Episode 9

They came so close to saving Bonnie.

They came so close to saving Bonnie.

I had hope that Elena and Damon were actually going to bring Bonnie back. They were right there waiting for her, but Kai had to go and screw everything up.

They may not have been able to save Bonnie, but Elena is starting to see the good in Damon again. And that gives me hope that these two will find each other again.

After everything Damon has done to Alaric, I don’t think compelling him to save Bonnie is on top of the list. I mean he has killed him a few times. Kai got out on his own, so stealing the ascendant had nothing to with Kai getting out.

What does is actually mean that Kai is out now? He doesn’t seem to be doing what we expected, or he’s being manipulative. So he wants to save Liv, does that mean he wants to kill Luke. That’s not good either. Does anyone else have a bad feeling that Tyler will try to kill Kai? I want Kai dead, but not for Tyler to do it. But what protection does Liv have in Mystic Falls, especially when Matt and Jeremy are on a mission to kill Enzo.

I don’t think Matt and Jeremy should go up against Enzo alone. One or both of them could end up dead. Jeremy has died a few times now and Matt has only died once. Lets keep it that way. On the other hand I don’t want Enzo to die either. He may be a jerk, but he’s fun having around and he’s one of Damon’s few friends. Well when they get Bonnie back he’ll have another one.

Why did Enzo make Matt turn against Stefan? Yes Stefan has killed, but unless he was the ripper, he had a good reason to. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s been looking out for the real Sarah all of this time. But by keeping her secret, he’s turned Matt against vampires. Two of their close friends are vampires, what does that mean for them? Will their hatred turn towards them too?

Next week it’s Christmas time on ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but things won’t be all merry. A lot of people are in danger. Check out the preview:


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