Bones Season 10 Episode 9

Aubrey is working really well the the squints!

Aubrey is working really well the the squints!

This was certainly a case of crazy suspects. Some the victim made crazy with his experiment and others were just plain crazy.

This was such a crazy case. They started with hardly any of the remains and had to go searching all around town in garbage bins for the bones. Each bone led to more clues, but the biggest clue of all was in the lab the whole time, Skinner the cat. He had eaten a bird that lead them straight to their suspect.

To be fair it wasn’t just the cat that lead to the suspect. The last pieces of remains gave the last clues to pin point who the killer was. But there were a lot of motives during this episode: subjects who wanted revenge for turning them into a monster, an ex who had gone crazy because she was rejected and current girl who wanted credit for her work. Anyone of them could have killed the professor. They had the means and motive. It was actually more surprising that the crazy neighbor who was obsessed with her birds was the murderer. She was trying to kill the cat not the professor, but he got in the way and ended up dead trying to protect his cat. It turns out the lady who had nothing to with his experiments, was the craziest.

Aubrey worked really well with squints, in fact better than Booth. Maybe that’s because he understands a lot of squint talk. And he knows some stuff too. He doesn’t have the experience Booth does, but he has the smarts to make up for that. He even got a high compliment from Brennan. She doesn’t give compliments lightly.

Wendell is Cancer free and moving on. He was told to celebrate and he did in a big way. He’s getting on with his life. It might be scary to connect his life with someone else, but I think a nurse that deals with Cancer patients is the perfect person. She knows  what she’s getting into, but hopefully Wendell will stay in remission.

Next week is the 200th episode of  ‘Bones’! And nothing looks the same. Check out the preview for this very special episode:

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