Nashville Season 3 Episode 9

Scarlett is up on stage singing with both of her exes, having the time of her live.

Scarlett is up on stage singing with both of her exes, having the time of her life.

The Rolling Stone article came out and even though Rayna told Deacon he needs to move on, she seemed to have a little doubt at the end of the episode.

She’s never lived this much in the public eye, before so the doubt may be more about the way she’s living her life than the man she’s about to marry. But marrying Luke means marrying this lifestyle. The girls aren’t happy and she’s not even happy with it either. She loves the music, but not everything that comes with it. Could there still be hope for Deacon and Rayna?

Is Zoe leaving Nashville for good? She came to Nashville not to be housewife and she was about to become that with Gunnar and his son, but she wanted more. There’s nothing wrong with that, but why is she running away? She still has so much opportunities in Nashville. She just has to get up, dust her self off, and go and make something of herself.

What was Scarlett so afraid of? She freaked out on stage and backed off of her singing career. She claimed it wasn’t what she wanted. Was it just bad timing with her mother, the pressure with the tour and pills and alcohol that just pushed her over the edge? She loves performing, but does she want the rest of it?

If Gunnar doesn’t want to make if big with the band, what about the band? It’s unclear exactly what Scarlett wants, but Avery clearly wants a music career.

Normally an ex jealously stalking you wouldn’t give hope, but for whatever reason Avery liked Juliette being jealous. Does this mean there’s hope for both of them? I hope so. Juliette and Avery are one of my favorite couples on ‘Nashville’.

Layla was very naive when she married Will, but she’s just being a plain idiot sleeping with Jeff. He’s an ass and even with his sudden turn around on herĀ music, this can’t end well. At least Juliette was really drunk and mad at Avery when she slept with Jeff. Layla slept with him sober. And by the look of her face, she probably thinks it means more than it does. It was just sex and if she felt that way it wouldn’t be a problem.

Next week is the ‘Nashville’ Winter Finale. While Rayna is about to marry Luke, Deacon is making a decision that will change everything. Check out the preview:


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