Supernatural Season 10 Episode 8

Screen shot Sam-Dean

Sam and Dean were not on point for this case.

Sam and Dean keep coming across good monsters. They use to believe that every monster was evil, but more of them are reformed.

I was not expecting this vampire to be reformed. All the evidence was stacking up against him. Especially since he was seen over a dead body. But why didn’t Sam and Dean see if he was with a pack. Most vampires are with a pack. He wasn’t with his pack, but they weren’t far behind him. I was just surprised that the Winchesters weren’t expecting there to be more than one vamp.

Donna came across as one of the most ditzy characters we’ve ever met, but when it came to taken down a vampire she was on top of her game. It was a big surprise that she came through this case, not just alive, but a hero. If it wasn’t for her, Jody would be dead.

I just wish we could have seen Jody have the talk with Donna. ‘Monster are real… but big foot is not.’ I love when they give the talk. Everyone seems to have a different reaction to it. Donna seemed to be pretty calm though.

I think Dean was lying when he said the Mark didn’t control him for the first time. I think the Mark is more in control than he would like to admit. Unfortunately, the Men of Letters knew nothing about it. Which surprises me, they know everything about everything, well at least it seemed like they did.

Next week is the midseason finale and the Mark is going to take over Dean once again. He makes Cass promise to take him out. Can Dean be saved yet again? Check out the promo:


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