Revenge Season 4 Episode 9

Emily puts on the charm to get the 'INTEL'.

Emily puts on the charm to get the ‘INTEL’.

Victoria acted like her near death experience had changed her and she was ready to make amends with Emily, so she could have a life with David. That didn’t last very long. Now she’s throwing Emily under the bus to save David. Daniel is right. The relationship will never work because it’s built on lies.

Emily worked her way into the Grayson family and was even liked by Conrad and he’s a pretty dangerous man. But now she’s up against a more powerful opponent. One that has ties within the FBI. She was asked to stay out of it, but Emily is not known for her restraint. Now Victoria hasn’t given her a choice.

Emily has been in danger so many times and she usually puts herself in that danger, but this time it makes me feel a little uneasy. She was always at her best and safest when she had her friends’ support, but she’s keeping Jack out of it and he wants out of it. Nolan wants her to stay out of it and is saying he won’t help her. David keeps telling her to stay away from him. Now she’s all by herself, with her security system down. She’s more vulnerable than she’s ever been and I feel really nervous about it.

Now that all secrets are revealed between Daniel and Emily, I really like their new chemistry on screen. I like the honesty. He’s a complete mess and the one to make him fight for what he loves was Emily. And Daniel is the one that made Emily apologize to Ben and start over. Now she gets the information and a date with a cute guy. For whatever reason these two listen to each other, despite all that’s happened between them.

I think that Margaux is perfect for Daniel and I’m happy he’s fighting for her. Plus she’s pregnant. Will she keep the baby? She doesn’t seem like the motherly type. She’s a type A personality and her company means everything to her. But she may be jeopardize her company by running the Louise story before it’s ready. She’s not thinking clearly.

Next week it looks like someone is going to die. Brace yourself for next week’s episode. Check out the promo:


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