Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 11

Nadine got in on the investigation this week.

Nadine got in on the investigation this week.

‘Madam Secretary’ was starting to look a lot like ‘Scandal’, but after a big break in the case, it turns out the White House isn’t corrupt.

It was a nail bitting episode. Elizabeth and her team were going down to Venezuela, who don’t like Americans very much. They were getting into Marsh’s account using a fake identity and leaving a trail of information for Jackson to find. Not only that, a press conference gone really wrong. It was looking really bad for Elizabeth, but then Jackson freaked out and everything calmed down.

I don’t know what’s scarier, the White House being behind the Secretary of State’s murder or another country. I guess an inside job is pretty bad, but now they’re not sure who did it and why. Is Elizabeth in danger too? That was always the question when she thought Jackson was behind it, but now that it was someone else, who knows.

Stevie was going to let Alison just lose her virginity all to get back to her mother. Then she stopped it and made her sister very angry. How long is Stevie going hold a grudge?

It’s interesting watching Elizabeth at work and then at home being a mother. She’s got two totally different sides.

So does this mean Blake is gay? That’s been the question since the beginning. I’m thinking yes, but it was a big way of coming out.

Elizabeth’s team are good at their jobs, but they are not being good at being agents. Nadine was shaking when she was getting into the account. Matt did a much better job, but he’s clearly trembling inside. He should be happy to know his double agent days are over. At least the number of people Elizabeth can trust is growing.


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