Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7

The King of Hell's mother has arrived!

The King of Hell’s mother has arrived!

When the witch was introduced I thought she was going to be the next big enemy. I never expected her to be Crowley’s mother! Why doesn’t it surprise me that his mother is a witch? But how did she survive this long? I realize she’s a powerful witch, but that’s a long time to keep yourself alive.

When does Dean have time for online dating? Oh wait he went out of his way just to get laid, so it’s not really dating. I would have loved to hear Sam say I told you so. The girl was too good to be true but who knew she would end up being a hooker and she was taking men’s souls. Well her pimp was. Sam and Dean don’t even have to go searching for cases, the cases find them. That’s two weeks in a row now.

This episode started out very differently than it finished. It started with steak and Dean thinking he was going to get laid. Then turned into a normal case and then they found a powerful witch. Then after all of that, Cole came back to kill Dean. I wonder if that’s the last we’ll see of him. I do think Dean was telling him the truth though. I mean how can you be okay after all Dean’s been through. He is past saving. There is no happily ever after for him. He has a hunter’s life. He will die on the job. But that doesn’t mean Sam’s going to stop trying to save Dean.

Cas is running solo yet again. Hannah came up with this great story to let her vessel’s husband move on, but she couldn’t take the guilt. She gave up the mission and went back to heaven. She was never meant for the human world. I know that Cas is constantly saying he’s not a leader, but he is. He understands the humans. He’s not the perfect communicator with humans, but he’s learned a lot from Sam and Dean. Will he let his vessel go too? But his vessel died. The only reason Jimmy is still alive is because Cas took over his body and that body has been through a lot. Jimmy is gone.

Next week Sherif Mills is back. Check out the preview:


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