The Originals Season 2 Episode 8

Rebekah is back!

Rebekah is back!

How will they protect Hope from Ester? I think it might be time to let some people in on the secret. The more people they have protecting Hope the better chances they have. Marcel will certainly protect Hope and I believe Kol will too. The writers can’t let Hope die, so I’m guessing that means Dahlia will be making an appearance. We’ll have a new enemy soon.

Will Rebekah still want to take her mother’s deal when she find out her first born child will die? She has to stay a vampire to protect Hope. Would she even take Cami’s body?

Hayley can’t marry Jackson, she’s supposed to be with Elijah. It’s not fair that he’s still suffering from what his mother did. Elijah should have a chance to fight to Hayley. Elijah hardly ever kills people, threatens yes, but not kill. His mother has actually turned him into a killer. Finn must be really manipulated by her to be so loyal.

Where is Michael through all of this? Is he waiting to attack?  He just disappeared. I would have thought he’d be coming back to kill Klaus.

‘The Originals’ will be back December 8 with the midseason finale. Hayley will be reunited with her baby, Ester and Michael reunite and Michael is determined to kill Klaus. Check out the preview:


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