‘State of Affairs’ Has a lot of Secrets

Her secrets are coming back to haunt her.

Her secrets are coming back to haunt her.

Who can Charlie trust? That is the big question of ‘State of Affairs’. And what does she not remember? What does she not want to remember?

She is on the hunt for answers, but while she’s searching, someone wants to expose her. Charlie has to figure out who’s playing with her while finding national security threats and briefing the President, who just so happens to be her dead fiance’s mother.

On the second episode of ‘Sate of Affairs’ the audience gets to learn a little bit more about Charlie. She’s got a hard shell, but she’s really vulnerable and on the brink of breaking.

There’s some shake-ups going on in the CIA. Do they have anything to with what happened the night Charlie’s fiance was killed?

Charlie hasn’t even told Potus what she does know. She wants to figure out all of the pieces first.

The mystery of what happened the night her fiance died is intriguing, but what about the rest of the show? There are so many CIA/political  shows out there: ‘Homeland’, ‘Covert Affairs’, ‘Scandal’ and the new ‘Madam Secretary’.

Each show started with it’s own secrets. That’s the biggest thing that sets these shows apart and the strong female characters that star in them. The storyline is important, but strong characters are even more important. And Katherine Heigl is making Charlie one of those strong characters.

Next week Charlie has to save the lives of young girls, but it won’t be easy. Check out the preview:


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