Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 10

Elizabeth finds more allies in her investigation into Marsh's suspicious death.

Elizabeth finds more allies in her investigation into Marsh’s suspicious death.

A lock-in revealed secrets, divided lines and made some progress.

I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that Elizabeth’s CIA work is coming up. She’s working with a lot of different countries to promote change and help actual change. It doesn’t surprise me that someone recognized her from her work. She handled it so dignified though. Yet another reason to like Elizabeth.

Now it all makes sense why she left the CIA. She’s so knowledge about the people and the countries, I wondered why she left the CIA behind. Now I understand.

I like how the writers are weaving in some of her CIA time. It’s a lot of what makes her who she is, what made the President choose her for Secretary of State and backstory to help figure out what happened to Marsh.

I’m not sure why Elizabeth chose to to tell Stevie what she had done. I get she was threatened with the first person finding out being her daughter, but she was so forceful with him that he didn’t tell anyone. Or was she that forceful because Stevie already knew?

I like Stevie’s character because she thinks she knows everything. She thinks she has everything figured out, but she’s completely lost. You would think her mother’s confession would make her more lost, but I think it makes her believe she knows everything even more. I think this leaves a lot of room for growth for her character and she will test Elizabeth and Henry a lot too.

Daisy was only marrying Wynn out of fear and it’s probably a good thing that he found out about Daisy and Matt, maybe not in the way that he did though. She would have married him and ruined both their lives. But what’s next for these too? Late nights working and hooking up may have worked for fun, but can they sustain a functional relationship? And is it too soon to bring them together?

Next week Elizabeth’s investigation into Marsh’s death heats up when she takes on the White House. Check out the preview:

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