Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Winter Finale

Meredith watching Derek walk away.

Meredith watching Derek walk away.

It’s every girl’s dream to have their guy choose them, except Meredith. She told him to go. She wanted him to go. Derek has become intolerable since he turned down the President. Nothing Meredith does is right and he’s just down right getting on my nerves. Which is probably why when I read that Patrick Dempsey would be leaving the show, I wasn’t too upset about it.

But what will Meredith feel like after he’s really gone? She’s wanted him to go and never wanted him to stay. I can see why. He’s resented her ever since. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ will go on fine without Derek. Is it bad that I’m so fine with him leaving? What can I say I chose Meredith’s side and I don’t think the hospital is big enough for two Dr. Shepherds.

I knew that one of the Shepherds could remove Dr. Herman’s tumor and I’m so glad it’s Amelia. Will Dr. Herman let her try? She seems pretty content on dying.

Stephanie had all the best of intentions when she didn’t tell April there was something wrong with her baby. But Stephanie wasn’t even sure if she was right. Then she tried to find out if anything could be done. But when was she going to tell April and Jackson?

How can April carry the baby to term if the baby doesn’t even have chance at a life. The ‘Grey’s’ writers sure know how to pull at our heart strings and they are going to make us wait till January 29 to find out what April and Jackson will do.

There was two good things that happened on the Winter Finale. Amelia told Owen if he needed people, she was there and Maggie is seeking advice from Richard. Hopefully this will open the door for Richard to have a relationship with his daughter.

It’s going to be a long holiday season while we wait for ‘Grey’s Anatomy”s return. We don’t even have a promo to keep us warm.


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