Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 8

Erin and Jay undercover at the sex club.

Erin and Jay undercover at the sex club.

It’s this kind of stuff that gets people mad at how corrupt the police are, but Antonio is a good man and didn’t deserve to lose his job. I love how the Intelligence unit protect each other and take care of each other. I can see why Erin is having such a hard time deciding to take the task force job. Where else than Voight’s team will Erin be so well protected? It’s a family.

Will Erin take this great opportunity? Personally I would say it’s a no brainer, take the job. But that would mean Erin would be leaving the Chicago PD and I don’t want that. She’s the reason I started watching the show and she’s a great part of the cast.

I really enjoy anytime Erin and Jay partner up together and I’m still waiting for these two to get together. There hasn’t been much happening between these two since Voight said no in house relationships. If only Erin could defy Voight.

Is this the last we will see of Layla? It seems pretty convincing that she was behind her husband’s murder. They usually don’t get away, but she’s flying away into the sunshine.

The detectives are taking a little bit of a break over Thanksgiving and will be back December 10 fighting to get a lethal drug off the street. Check out the preview:


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