Supernatural Season 10 Episode 6

Sam is beloved by the ladies as usual.

Sam is beloved by the ladies as usual.

After some serious episodes, ‘Supernatural’ is always good at giving the fans some fun episodes and this was one of them.

First lets take a look at the good in the episode. It’s nice that the show is keeping the spirit of Bobby alive. And it turns out the Winchesters are not the only ones to let monsters live from time to time. While Sam and Dean are trying to save the world or save themselves, they are always trying to find cases when their leads dry up. To keep the Mark of Cain in the immediate story, Dean made his first real kill since he got back from being a demon. Was it the Mark of Cain, residual demon or just as he said, wanting to get the job done? This isn’t the first time Dean has been over zealous when killing a monster. After John traded his soul for Dean’s life, he was the same way. Sam’s convinced Dean isn’t okay, but we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. Can anyone really be okay after dying for the millionth time and then becoming a demon?

‘Supernatural’ likes to put some pop culture references in occasionally. Which is pretty funny, because the boys don’t have much time to keep up with pop culture. The Rizzoli and Isles reference was funny, but the Tori and Dean reference was not. It was so out of place.

I really liked that they had to go old school on the case, but would Dean really just have a flash flight in his pocket. That was too easy. And I figured out it was the maid before they did. Who gave them the fake silver? I was a little disappointed that they didn’t pick up on it and that easy.

The old and tired ghost story was getting kind of boring until it turned out it wasn’t even a ghost story at all, they were hunting a shapeshifter.

I have mixed feelings about this episode. There was some good points, but there were weak points too.

Looks like ‘Supernatural’ is going old school with the monster of the week and next week it’s witches. Check out the preview:


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