Gotham Season 1 Episode 9

Screen shot Gotham

Gordon and Bullock catch the bad guys.

Harvey Dent seems a little unhinged already. He might not be the best person to partner up with on the Wayne’s murder. He has the right attitude, but he’s got a hidden temper. I’m surprised that his two face side is showing. But I guess all the other villains that have been introduced so far, are showing their villainous natures too.

Bruce is training to become the man he will be, but Cat is right, he’s too nice. He wouldn’t last two seconds on the street. Every week I look at him and think, how does he go from this innocent kid to the bat? There are some tendencies I see that Batman has, but his core his still too innocent.

It was nice to see Bruce be a kid. I don’t feel like he knows how to be a kid. Alfred doesn’t help the uptight manner that he has. But now he’s having some fun and laughing. As Alfred said, “she’s breath of fresh air” and so is seeing Bruce laugh.

Barbara asked to be let in and now she’s running away right into the arms of Montoya. How can Montoya protect her and Gordon can’t? Barbara just made me so mad. I get that she wanted to go away and work on herself, but how is she working on herself when she run’s to her ex?

I just keep laughing at Fish when she writes Oswald off as worthless. He’s such a genius. I think my favorite Batman villain has always been the Joker, but now I may be changing it to Oswald. He’s got me routing for him out of all of the villains of Gotham.

How much did Fish hurt Falcone? And how will Falcone hit back?

Next week trained assassins are after Cat and Bruce and Gordon has to find them and protect them. Check out the preview:


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