The Originals Season 2 Episode 7

A nice moment between Klaus and his father.

A nice moment between Klaus and his father.

For most of ‘The Originals’ Cami has tried hard to stay out of vampire, wolf and witch matters. She wanted nothing to with it. She fought it very hard, but the allure of Klaus and Marcel kept bringing her back. Then she finally chose to embrace her family’s legacy. She was even good at it, but with no supernatural powers, she’s defenseless against Ester. Klaus killed his father, also the love of his mother’s life and Ester shoots back.

Marcel and Hayley were quite busy themselves, kidnapping Finn and Kol. Will Ester spare Cami to save her sons?

I was so relieved that Kol didn’t betray Davina. He’s not as loyal to his mother as she thinks he is. I never knew he was a witch. I guess it makes sense that the Mikaelsons were witches. The more I get to know Kol the more I like him. And I like the budding relationship between Davina and Kol. He may be a thousand year old vampire, but it’s hard not fall for his charm. I’ve been hesitant to trust him, but maybe he is trustworthy for Davina. Of course now we may never know.

Elijah is finally awake and now Jackson is back in the picture too. Does that mean the love triangle is back? Of course it’s not much of a love triangle, Hayley should clearly be with Elijah. But things look like they could get complicated on that front.

Will killing his real father break him forever? Or does Elijah still believe he can save him? Klaus did what he felt he had to to protect his daughter. Hope signifies the last pure thing for Klaus. If she’s killed, what will become of him?

Next week Rebekah returns. Does this mean they are in danger? Check out the preview:


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