Katherine Heigl’s Return to TV Was Worth the Wait

STATE-OF-AFFAIRSKatherine Heigl has returned to TV in a big way. I’ve loved her comedies, but she does drama well and I think she’s picked a character that has a lot of depth.

She plays Charlie Tucker, briefer to the President and formerly engaged to the President’s son, but he was killed a year ago. The night he died was so traumatic for her she doesn’t want to remember something, but as the episode goes on, it’s clear it is very important that she remembers what happened.

Character wise Katherine got me hooked. The girl is in denial about losing her finance and is doing everything possible not to feel it or remember it. She’s also very good at her job. She’s got the President’s ear and trust.

I’m very interested to know what she’s not letting her self remember. She’s been after the terrorist ever since, but everything isn’t as it seems.  She gets a chance to take him out, but she doesn’t.

Charlie is in an endless cycle of denial, but the secrets are bubbling to the surface. How can she protect herself from a truth she doesn’t remember?

I’m hooked and I’m ready to see the secrets unravel.

Here’s what’s coming up on ‘State of Affairs’:


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