Revenge Season 4 Episode 8

revenge-season-4-poster-tagline-victoria-emilyCould there be someone out there as evil as Conrad? I wondered where the show was going when Conrad was killed. Now I know there was someone to take his place. But who is this guy? Emily’s been investigating Conrad for years, how hasn’t she heard of this rival? Or is David not telling the whole truth.

When Emily started her path to clear her father’s name, she new the players and she had a clear cut path. Now she doesn’t know the players and has no idea what she’s getting herself into. I thought season four was going to be about Victoria’s revenge, but Emily is still avenging her father, even if he doesn’t want her to.

Louise is getting crazier with each episode. Margaux wants to find out what her sealed record is, but it probably has something to do with putting her mother in the hospital. Nolan knows Louise is a little unhinged, but does he have any idea how unstable she is? And how exactly does he plan on using her against Victoria?

Jack tried to stay far away from the Conrad case. He wanted nothing to do with it and was quite content with him being dead, but everyone kept pulling him back in. Luckily the case was wrapped quickly, but not before it put a wedge between him and his partner.

I’ve always felt bad for Daniel being collateral damage. He’s spent so much time blaming Emily that he didn’t realize who was really to blame, Victoria. I do believe that Victoria was once kind, but Conrad took away everything that was good about her. I also believe that Victoria was a coward when she let Conrad frame David. Now she’s telling twisted lie after another to keep David close to her.

Enjoy a drama free Thanksgiving weekend then tune in November 30 to see just how far Emily will go to protect her father:


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