Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 9

RA_MADAMSEC_NEWSIt was like Elizabeth was back in the CIA, only she was investigating her own people. I don’t think she had any idea where the evidence would lead her though.

I knew there was more to Matt’s character. I just felt like he had a lot more potential and it turns out he’s wrapped up in this conspiracy. Elizabeth wanted to be able to trust her people and now she knows she can and even got herself a double agent. Can Matt hack being a double agent though? Elizabeth must have faith in him to ask him.

It doesn’t actually surprise me that Jackson has something to do with Marsh’s pane crash. I’ve suspected him for a couple of episodes now. Just because Jackson had something to do with the crash, doesn’t mean Dalton had anything to do with it, though it doesn’t look good.

After George died, Elizabeth could have grieved and moved on, but it was all too suspicious. Now she’s in so deep that she can’t turn back. She’s a very powerful woman, but can she really go head to head with the President?

For whatever reason ‘Madam Secretary’ has been popular with an older crowd. But if the younger demographic would tune in now, they would find a much more compelling show. I’ve been enjoying the story and the characters since it started, but the she show is really heating up now.

Next week we will see more of Elizabeth’s past. Check out the preview:


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