Bones Season 10 Episode 7

Bones-poster-season-10-FOX-2014I really liked the way they gave us backstory on Aubrey. Cases have always come up in the past that have given us backstory on characters and it’s nice after all these years that the writers are sticking to the same formula.

We haven’t seen much of Brennan and Aubrey on screen together and it was really nice to watch. It was also nice to see him not get to freaked out by her complicated explanation. As he said that was a ‘brainy analogy’. I still miss Sweets, but I’m liking Aubrey more and more each week.

I hate Dr. Wells though. He’s so annoying and I was happy Brennan called him a pain in her ass. I’m so happy his episode is over with and we get a different intern next week.

This season Christine has been playing more of a roll and motherhood is definitely something Brennan has not figured out yet. I was surprised when she was okay with her child using profanity. I don’t think Christine fully comprehends what jack ass means, but it’s quite funny watching Booth tell Brennan she has to explain it to her. For once in her life she’s lost for words. I was a little sad we didn’t actually get to see her explain it. Her explanations are usually quite funny.

Next week’s case involves a lot of puzzles. Can all these genisus solve the riddle? Check out the preview:


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